Welcome to the SV Young Adults Ministry!

Here at Severns Valley, we believe that everybody needs a community of people to help us walk through life and point us back to Jesus! For our Young Adult ministry that happens in a few different ways. We have on-campus and off-campus options each week for you to plug into and find that community that we all need. We were never meant to follow Jesus alone, so why would we try? We would love to have you join us here at SV as we seek to help young adults in our community learn what it means to love God, love people, and make disciples here, near and far!

College Aged (18-25)

Join us on Sunday mornings in the SV Students area at 9 am in room S-101 for our on-campus college-aged small group!

Young Adult On-Campus (25-35)

Our on-campus young adult small group meets on Sunday mornings at 9 am in room A-201!

Young Adult Off-Campus

Sunday morning may not always work, but Tuesday might! Our young adult home group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM!