Topical Studies

Join us on Sunday nights as we come together to study and grow to be more like Jesus!

Opportunities for all ages and stages to grow:

Study God’s Word

Experience Authentic Community

Grow to be more like Jesus!

  • 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm – Enjoy a quick dinner as an SV Family! (Included in $25). Dinner will be provided by our SV Kitchen Team! Menu will be available prior to each week. We’ll be sure to include a kid-friendly option!
  • 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm – Grow together to become more like Jesus as we focus on what it looks like to make disciples as a church family and as individuals.

Register for one of these topics:

Bible Study: 1 Peter (Men)
Bible Study: Ruth (Women)
The Measure of a Man (Men)
Seamless (Women)
Holy Ambition (Co-ed)
Growing Up (Co-ed)
Connect (SVStudents)
SV Kids(Children)

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    Study Options: (Adults)

    Growing Up! How to be a disciple who makes disciples  Co-Ed – $25*

    Bryan Kelly

    You want to grow in your relationship with God. You take Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19 to make disciples seriously. You have a burden to leave an eternal legacy by investing in the lives of others. Or, maybe, you are looking for someone to invest in you. Join us on this journey to explore what it means to be a disciple and to, practically, make disciples!


    Holy Ambition (Co-Ed) – $25*

    Brian & Carla J. Combs

    Live beyond what the Christian subculture tells you is right and holy and acceptable. The God of the universe is looking for regular people to accomplish things beyond our wildest dreams. Join us as we look at Nehemiah 1-6 and learn how God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things and the process by which He molds men and women for His purposes.

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    1 Peter – A Study of Our Identity in Christ – (Men) $25*

    Jay Owens

    1 Peter was written to followers of Christ living in a world of hostility on the verge of persecution.  Their challenge was to live according to their unique identity in Christ. There are many similarities in 1 Peter to the current situation in which we live today. Throughout the study, we will also learn many nuances and “ins and outs” of successful personal Bible study. 

    The Measure of a Man – Men – $25*

    Howard Williams & John McFarlane

    True masculinity is not measured by the strength of a man, but by biblical guidelines drawn from God’s word. Join us as we continue to explore the Apostle Paul’s letters to his young protégés Timothy and Titus. Inspiring, encouraging, and practical, this book shows men how we can reach God’s standards as fathers, husbands, and mentors to other men. 

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    Ruth: A Study for Women – (Women) – $25*

    Nancy Owens & Tracy Moore

    If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? If you had an enemy, who would come to your defense? In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender, known as a “kinsman-redeemer,” was usually a close relative, but as believers, our kinsman-redeemer is Jesus Christ! Join us for this rich, six week, inductive Bible study through the book of Ruth, as we discover how Jesus both bought us (redeemer) and advocates (defends) for us. Don’t despair. There’s Hope! You have a Kinsman Redeemer! 

    Seamless – (Women) – $25*

    Lauren Botts

    Join us for Seamless, a seven-session study that covers the people, places and promises of Scripture, in order to show how the entire Bible–from Genesis to Revelation–connects as one beautiful, seamless thread. Each week we will explore key information that ties all of Scripture together into the seamless truth of the Gospel message. If you have ever struggled to understand the narrative of Scripture, this class is a must! We can’t wait to learn alongside you!

    Study Options: (Students)

    Students – SVStudents Team

    We want to give students a place where they can come and worship with their friends, and have fun in a relaxed environment where they learn the truths of the Bible and how it affects their lives today. SV Connect is on Sunday evenings in the student area. Our doors open at 5 for a time of hanging out and making new friends and our service starts at 5:30! We would love for your student to join us on Sunday evenings as we walk through the Bible and learn what it means to follow Jesus!

    (Pizza, Snacks and drinks available for purchase in the Student area like normal.)


    Study Options: (Kids)

    Drop off starts at 5:15 and pick-up will be at 7:00. We will provide a snack.

    Children – SVKids Team

    Our Kindergarten to 5th Grade kids will engage in a fun, high-energy experience where we learn what it means to follow Jesus and serve Him through mission opportunities. 

    Preschool – SVKids Team

    Our Preschoolers (Potty-trained 3-year olds to 5-year olds) will come together to engage in Bible stories with fun games and crafts where they learn that God loves them, God made them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Babies to 3 year olds will have a fun evening in our childcare ministry.

    Childcare will be offered for babies through two-years old.

    *Why the $25? Severns Valley Baptist Church is a loving church that wants to grow in their ability to love God, Love People and Make Disciples. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend Topical Studies. Families with children or people arriving directly from work often benefit from a simple and easy dinner option. Our investment of $25 per adult covers about half the cost of the study materials for each of our topics and allows more people, especially our young families, to enjoy dinner. Together, we can help more people grow in their relationship with Jesus! Thank you!


    For more information, contact:

    Brian Combs, Generations Pastor 

    Lauren Botts, Women’s Minister

    Zach Burke, Student Pastor

    Brittany Kelly, Kids Minister