SV Update

Hello Church Family. 

The last two Sunday’s Sara and I took some time off. It’s the first time we’ve been able to do so since January of this year. Being away from your church brings a recognition of just how much you love and cherish the worship services and the gathering of friends and family. Sara and I experienced this longing while we were gone. We were glad to be able to get away for a while. But, we are so glad to be home and can’t wait to be together with all of you Sunday. 

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in our world today. What was the norm at one time, is now no longer the norm. We experienced this after 9/11. Because of the terrorists acts against our country, we have experienced many changes. Changes in airport security, governmental agencies, and more. We’re still experiencing some of the changes today. Just try and get a new driver’s license. It’s not like it used to be. (Just ask Dr. Ray about his experience.) 

The same thing is happening with us today due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Things have drastically changed not just in our nation but around the world. Masks, sanitizer, disinfecting, layoffs, teleworking, in-person and online classrooms, Zoom meetings, etc are all examples of our new paradigm. 

Because of COVID-19, we are also seeing drastic changes in the norms of the church. Our message hasn’t changed. Our purpose hasn’t changed. We as a church are still focused on…Loving God | Loving People | and Making Disciples. 

But, our methods, how we do things, have dramatically changed. Today, I want to go over a few of those new changes, paradigms, and help you get ready for those changes. 

10:45 Service
On September 6th we will be adding a new 10:45 am service. Before COVID-19 we had two worship services. But, due to COVID-19 and all the cautions of meeting together, we decided it would be best to Re-Gather beginning with one service at 9 am.

Our attendance has been increasing each Sunday. This past Sunday we had over 300 people on campus for Worship. We literally had no room in the Worship Center. It’s time for us to add the 2nd service so we can have plenty of room for all who desire to come and worship in person. But, there will be changes in adding a second service.

  1. Both services will be identical in worship style.
  2. We will need to ask people to quickly leave the 9 am service so that we can disinfect and reset the Worship Center, bathrooms, hallways, and all hard surfaces.
  3. We need more volunteers in these areas:
    • Parking lot – 10
    • Greeting – 25
    • Disinfecting/Resetting Worship Center – 8

If you are willing to serve, please contact to get added to the list.

We still need you to “Save a Seat” to help us distribute people between both services. Starting Sept. 1st, we will be using a different way to “Save a Seat.” You will only be able to save your seat for you and your family 1 week in advance. You will still be able to save your seat by going to

We are actively working on providing a needed ministry to our children and young families. Plans are being made for us to Re-Gather SVkids on September 6th during both Worship services. Again, SVkids is going through a paradigm shift. COVID-19 regulations and guidelines are affecting greatly how we can minister to children. But, we can and will continue to offer wonderful Biblical teaching and a safe secure environment for your children. 


I want you to know plans are being made. But, as we plan we are continuing to carefully watch what is happening in our State and County regarding positive COVID-19 test results. If we see a significant increase in positive tests, we may postpone Re-Gathering for SVkids. We take your children’s health and safety, along with all of our SVkids workers very seriously. Now if we are to Re-Gather SVkids, there will be some major differences. 

Here are just a few of those differences:

  1. We will need you to pre-register your children if they plan to attend SVkids. We are limited to only 10 children per room. We cannot allow more than 10 children per room.
  2. There will be a centralized drop-off/pick-up area. No parents will be allowed into the hallways where classrooms are located.
  3. We will begin Re-Gathering SVkids in a limited form. SVkids will only be for children birth through 2nd grade. They are only able to attend for one hour.
  4. Masks will be required for all SVkids workers and children over the age of 5.

To pre-register your children for SVkids you will go to The same place you will go to save a seat for worship. Again, you may only register for one week at a time. If, you want your children in SVkids, then make sure you register them online. 

We still need workers in the SVkids ministry. You are only able to work either the 9 am or 10:45 am time period. If you are interested in serving in SVkids, please contact

The Lord’s Supper
This coming Sunday we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper during the worship service. Again, we are changing how we will observe the Lord’s Supper. As you enter the Worship Center, one of our Deacon’s will give you a pre-packaged cup of juice and a wafer. At the designated time during the service, we will take the Lord’s Supper together. 

For those who are unable to attend our service in person, there is still a way you can participate with us during the service. This coming Saturday, Aug. 29th from 10 am-2 pm you can come to the covered drive at the Worship Center and pick up pre-packaged Lord’s Supper elements. Then at the designated time of the service, you can take the elements with those who are worshipping in-person. 

That’s a lot of information. We are doing our best to try and give you clear communication during these changing times. You can also get this information via our website and also in email form by sending us an email at We love you and look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday in-person and also online. 

We hope you have a blessed week.

Pastor Jeff