SV Update

Hello Severns Valley Family,

This past Sunday we were all encouraged by Pastor Joe’s message. No matter what the situation, all believers can be encouraged because we serve a God who raises people from the dead.

We have opportunities each and every day to share hope with others who are feeling just like Paul and his friends. In 2 Corinthians 1:8-11 Paul says they felt: completely overwhelmed, beyond their own strength, despaired of life itself. 

Because we know Jesus, we have hope. Hope that He is in control. Hope that He is with us. Hope that He can overcome anything we are facing. Hope that even in death, He raises people from the dead. 

Let us live today and every day being witnesses of this hope we have because of Jesus.

We want to share some exciting news with you today.

First, our Student ministry had their first worship service Sunday night. It was amazing. We were excited about the number of students and adults that were present. There was excitement in the room because they were able to come together to worship. Zach, Jonah, Jeremiah and Cameron and all of our Student Leaders have done a great job during this pandemic keeping in touch with our students. But, nothing beats getting together in person. They will meet every Sunday night at 5:30 for worship. If you have a student who will be in the 6-12 grades, we encourage you to get them here for SV Connect. You can find out more at

Next, Celebrate Recovery Worship begins this Monday, August 17th at 6 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. We are excited for this ministry to Re-Gather. Meeting regularly is greatly needed for those who are struggling with a hurt, habit or hangup. There will be the same regulations as we are following for our Sunday Worship Services: masks, social distancing and disinfecting guidelines will be followed strictly. If you want more information be sure and go to

Speaking of our Sunday Worship, on September 6th we are making plans to add an additional service at 10:45 am. Our 9 am attendance has been consistently over 80% of the capacity of our Worship Center for the last month. It has been increasingly difficult to find seats for those who are coming. 

Our desire is to provide room for all to attend our in-person Worship Services. Beginning this Sunday, we will ask everyone to quickly exit the buildings so we can “practice resetting” the Worship Center and disinfect the entire building before the 10:45 service begins. This will take a lot of coordination and volunteers to make this happen. If you’re interested in serving, we need you! Contact the church office at or call the church office at 765.7822 and we will get you signed up to serve. 

Just a reminder…the 10:45 am service begins on September 6th.

Along with providing a second worship service, we also will begin offering a limited form of SVkids on Sunday mornings during both Worship Services. Churches must meet the same CDC regulations of a childcare center. These regulations are very strict and cannot be changed or amended. Let me just lay some groundwork at this time. The way we have provided SVkids in the past will look much different. This is a new paradigm. There will be many, many changes in how we provided SVkids ministry in the past. It will take time to get used to the changes. It will take a lot of work, volunteers, patience and prayer. But, we are committed to offering the best ministry that we can provide for our children.

Methods will change. Many things will look different. Registration will be needed. Classroom limits will be set. Masks will be worn. Disinfecting will take place.

But, we will not change in providing wonderful Bible-centered teaching for our children. You will be hearing more about SVkids in the coming days and weeks. I promise.

Our plan is to begin our 10:45 service and SVkids during both services on September 6th. We will be sharing more information with you each week leading up to September 6th. Please begin praying now that God would provide workers. Pray for all the planning and coordination that will be leading up to this big step as we continue to Re-Gather.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to continue to “save a seat” for our 9 am Worship Service. This is something we all need to think of as a routine as we move forward adding the 10:45 service and SVkids during both hours. You can “save a seat” by going to

We love you and we pray for you daily. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.