SV Update

Hello Church Family,

This week we want to share some information about our Re-Gathering Worship Service, Plans for Phase 2 to Re-Gather, and some ways you can help others by serving personally or by donating.

Re-Gathering for Worship
We continue to be blessed by seeing more and more people come to our Worship Service. This past Sunday we had 225 people who attended. This is such a blessing because many churches in our community and around the country are seeing a decrease in attendance after Re-Gathering for worship. Not only did we see more people attend, we are seeing 1st-time guests attend our church. 

We are so thankful for all of you who are Re-Gathering for worship. We know it’s nice and comfy watching our service at home. But, we are clearly commanded to gather together for worship. There are specific reasons why this is a command. If you missed our 1st Re-Gathering Service on June 21st, Pastor Curtis shared with us why we must regather.

We support your decision to stay at home if you are concerned about your health and the possibility of getting COVID-19. But, we miss all of you and don’t want you to miss out on the joy, encouragement and blessing of worshipping together. We hope to see you this Sunday. Be sure and “Save a Seat” by going to and clicking on the “Save a Seat” button.

When we consistently see attendance in the 275+ range, we will begin setting a date for us to move back to our regular worship schedule of 2 services: 9am and 10:45am.

Re-Gathering Phase 2
We are thankful for being able to re-gather for worship. But, we know God desires us to do more than just come together for worship. He also desires us to be in community and grow in Godliness by meeting together. In fact this is one of our Core beliefs: Community. 

Our plan in Community is met in many different ways, but primarily through our Small Groups. Before COVID-19 we had Small Groups meeting on campus and off campus. Right now we are only able to provide Virtual Small Groups. This is only a provisional measure. Our desire is to get our On Campus and Off Campus going as soon as possible. There are a number of guidelines we must follow for us to Re-Gather for Community. These guidelines are providing some hurdles. For instance, we need to continue to follow social distancing and wear masks. This greatly reduces the number of people who can be in the classrooms of our church. 

Another hurdle is providing On Campus Small Groups for our SVkids and Students. For them to Re-Gather, they fall under more stringent guidelines. 

We want you to know we are working on plans for us to Re-Gather for Community. We know you are missing your friends. We hope to have a plan to share with you in the coming weeks.

We also know that many in our community and county are experiencing tremendous struggles emotionally, physically and mentally. Our Celebrate Recovery Ministry has been a life-saver to them. We are also working on plans for our CR Ministry to Re-Gather for Worship. This will be our first step. Again, we will be sharing with you in the coming weeks plans for CR to Re-Gather.

Needs in our Community
We partner with a number of local ministries in our community to meet specific needs. By doing this we expand our ministry and provide conduits to connect our church members to serve directly and indirectly. We encourage individuals, families, Small Groups and Ministries to serve our community by helping to meet these needs. Serving is another discipline Jesus demonstrated and commands all His disciples to follow Him to do as He did.

We have specific requests from Helping Hand of Hope, Warm Blessings and Mission Hope for Kids. You can find out more by going to

Next week we will be sharing with you information about our Next Door Project opportunity through SVkids and several local partnering churches. We’re very excited about this opportunity!

Please continue to pray for our Staff, Church Council and the Lead Pastor Search Team during this time. We are praying for you! Let us know if you need anything or if we can pray with you in any way. 

We love you, and look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Your Staff and Church Council