SV Update

Hello Church Family,

This pandemic has caused a lot of disruptions. It would be an understatement to say,  “We’re all ready for this to be over.” Unfortunately, we see this pandemic lasting much longer than anyone expected. 

We continue to see COVID-19 numbers increase in Kentucky. Due to this, last week Governor Beshear suggested churches move to online only services for 2 weeks. We chose not to move to online-only services for these reasons.

  • We have implemented all of the mandated steps the CDC and the Governor have placed on churches. 
  • Our Worship Center is set up to provide more than 6 ft between rows. 
  • We are asking there to be 3 seats between households on rows. 
  • We are sanitizing the Worship Center before every service. 
  • Masks are required to attend our services. 
  • We have an overflow area provided if attendance goes over the capacity in the Worship Center. 
  • We are checking the temperatures of all our volunteers.
    • Asking them if they have any symptoms and 
    • Providing masks to anyone who doesn’t have one

We are meeting, and in some cases exceeding, all requirements to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. Our plan is to continue to offer both in-person and online services at this time. We will be meeting in person this Sunday.

Last week the Governor stated he would take new steps to slow and stop the spread of the virus. On Monday Governor Beshear reinstated regulations on places of business. But, these regulations didn’t include churches. 
We’ve spoken to other church and denominational leaders and all are expecting the Governor to take further steps if numbers continue to rise.

Across the nation, we are seeing increasing regulations specifically targeting and discriminating the church. For example, the Governor of Nevada allowed casinos to open at 50% capacity but churches were only allowed to have a maximum of 50 people. Churches in Nevada then filed a suit against the Governor. The case went from the district court to the 9th Circuit Court and then to the Supreme Court. Last week the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision denied to hear the appeal of churches arguing that these regulations, which treated churches unequally, denied their religious freedom. This is a shocking decision from the Supreme Court. To read more about this decision go here: Nevada Religious Freedom Case

The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

We share this information with you because we want you to know we, the staff and Church Council, are continuing to vigilantly monitor what is happening not only in Kentucky but also nationwide. This is very important to us.
These are troubling times. We, all of us, need to be praying for God to speak to Government and National officials. Pray that they hear and heed His voice.

Here are some things we want you to know…

Parking Lot
This week work has begun on our parking lot. Last year we had planned to resurface the parking lot. But, the weather permitted that from happening. Next week they will begin resurfacing many parts of the entrances and parking lots. We will be posting on social media where they will be working on specific days as soon as we get that information. If you come to the church during the week, it would be best to check our Facebook page or call the office to see what entrance to use. Money for this project is coming from some of the large gifts given to the church a couple of years ago.

Re-Gathering Plans
As you can imagine, making plans during the pandemic is very difficult. Plans have changed more times than we can count. Our desire is to continue to Re-Gather in these areas:

Plans are to begin having Student Worship and CR Worship early in August. We will be sharing more about those two areas in a few days. For both of these ministries to Re-Gather, they must meet all mandates and regulations that we are currently meeting to have worship on Sundays. We will also be asking all students attending Student Worship to have a waiver signed by their parents allowing them to attend Student Worship.

We ask that you continue to pray for these groups of people:

  • Our national, state and local leaders
  • Our church staff and Church Council
  • Our Lead Pastor Search Team
  • Our church members
  • Those attending and watching our services who are new to SV

We are seeing God move…

  • We are still ministering Here, Near, and Far. In a few days, you’ll be hearing new plans to minister to those in Hardin County. To find out more click here: SVserve Opportunities
  • He’s bringing new individuals and families to Severns Valley during this time. 
  • Just this past Sunday we saw a young lady baptized who recently gave her life to follow Jesus. 
  • God is at work. Let’s be sure to join Him in His work.

We love you and look forward to seeing you this Sunday. 

Don’t forget to “Save a Seat,”

Your Church Staff and Church Council