Hi, everyone. This is your SV winter update and if you’ve been wondering why I’ve grown this beard it’s because of winter days like this. Well, I’ve gotten out of all of the gear and I’m a whole lot cooler, but you know it is times like this that we all have to be prepared and we want to let you know as a church that we are taking some precautions to make sure that everything at the church is ready and we want you to do the same, so let’s get into what we’re doing as a church.

It’s Tuesday when we’re recording this and today, NOAA – that’s a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – issued a winter weather advisory. For the next two days and 9 hours they’re saying that we could potentially have a quarter of an inch up to three-quarters of an inch of ice. I just remembered 2009, and for those of you that were around during that time, that’s what they’re talking about. So we want to share with you some of the things we’re doing at the church, but then also encourage you during this time because I know that this is a difficult time, especially during a pandemic and now we’re going through a potential ice storm. Today what we’re doing at the church is at the end of the day we’re going to be powering down all of our electrical equipment so that we can protect all of it. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in that, and we’re going to be shutting all of that down. If we are unable to meet this coming Lord’s day we will still be able to have worship together as a church via live stream through FacebookYouTube, and on our website. Depending on whether or not we can get into the church because of the roads we may or may not be able to broadcast on cable TV so we just want to let you be aware of that. 

Also during this time, there are many needs that are outside the church. If you have an emergency we want to let you know that you’re still able to contact the church. You can call us at 270-765-7822 and leave a voicemail and we’re going to be checking that periodically so that we can get back to you if you have an emergency need. 

Typically when we’re not able to gather on Sunday our offerings greatly drop off, sometimes up to 50%. We want to encourage you to remain faithful. We want to again thank you so much for being faithful during this pandemic, but it’s specifically needful now during this time so you can still give. You can give online, you can also mail your offering in and when the office is able to open back up, then you can bring your offering in at that time as well.

We’re going to continue to stay in touch with you during this time and you can expect us to keep you updated on the weather and also the office and worship services via email, through social media, and then if need be, we will also use broadcast TV announcements. We encourage you to please stay safe. Don’t get out unless you need to and we also encourage you to go and check on others. Let’s not be so focused on us but remember there are many other people that are going through this as well. Paul encourages us in Ephesians to make the most of every opportunity. This is going to be a difficult time and could be really difficult for some, but you know, this is also an opportunity to show people that we believe and we trust in Jesus. James also encourages us to not forget Job and the endurance that he had through all of the trials and then he gives us a great, great point of hope. He says remember that the Lord is merciful to us. He’s merciful and He’s going to encourage us and He’s going to meet our needs, maybe through one another meeting those needs. 

We hope and pray that we can see you this Lord’s Day. If not, we’ll see you online.

We love you and God bless you.

Pastor Jeff