Hey, beloved.

I can hardly believe 2020 is coming to an end. It’s been a tough year to say the least, but the Lord has protected our church and continues to do great things in our midst. 

I want you to consider praying consistently for our staff. We’re still trying to develop effective ministry rhythms together and it will be by your prayers that we are able to accomplish this task. One way that you can do that is by visiting the website and clicking on the staff section so that you can see the beautiful faces of each one of our servant leaders and pray for them by name. 

SV & Me: Meaningful Membership Matters is our next sermon series and the goal of the series is to talk about the biblical, theological, and practical implications of what it means to be a member of Severns Valley Baptist Church. In the Book of Proverbs, it challenges leaders to know well the condition of their flocks and to pay close attention to their herds. So know that this series on church membership is not about fear or trying to make someone feel bad. No, it’s about being faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and for shepherds to understand the needs of their sheep. So I’m excited about what God is going to do through this sermon series and I hope that you’re excited as well. 

What I’ve decided to do in this process is to ask two of our pastors as well as our Executive Treasurer Dr. Todd Gray to come alongside me in this sermon series. For the first Sunday, I’m going to open up and give a big picture of what it means to be a biblical church member. The Second Sunday Pastor Jeff will talk about issues of accountability, the third Sunday Pastor Burke with deal with community, the fourth Sunday Dr. Ray will talk about strategic partnerships in evangelism. On the final Sunday, I will come back and wrap all of these sermons into a bow where can see what it means to be a biblical church member here at Severns Valley Baptist Church.
I do not want us as a family of friends to experience vision leakage and so every time you see me I will remind us that God’s mission and vision for this church is that we love God, love people, and make disciples here, near, and far by cultivating a culture of grace. Those core values will become true values in the lives of every member of Severns Valley Baptist Church. We will pursue generosity, renewal, accountability, community, and evangelism because God is doing great things in 2021 through our family of friends, and I can’t wait to lead alongside you. 
Pastor Curtis