Well, hello friends.

We had a joyful time of fellowship last Sunday. My family cannot express how overwhelmed we were with the love we felt from this beautiful body of believers. It will take us quite some time to read and pray over all the cards! You are truly a generous church! And, as you know, God’s generosity will cure animosity. So stay loving.

This Lord’s Day our sermonic spotlight will highlight renewal. When I say renewal, I am referring to the work of the triune God to complete our holistic sanctification by His grace.

Here are questions we will consider:

How does God’s holiness relate to my need for a Savior, Lord, and friend?
What are some sacred pathways toward spiritual renewal?
Is my renewal guaranteed by God?
Do I have peace with God?
How can I experience the peace of God?
How does God’s character relate to the transformation of my character?

All these questions will be answered from Scripture at our next Lord’s Day gathering.

I was extremely grateful that we had the highest attendance numbers since COVID-19 created this new abnormal.

Of course, being ever mindful of the need to wear masks, check temperatures, and practice social distancing keeps our staff prayerful and vigilant on your behalf.

We want our gathering to grow, and we are willing to go beyond the minimum requirements to make it happen in the Lord’s timing. That means if we discover a need for a third service, we will be ready to work to accommodate our church family in a God-honoring, socially responsible manner.

With that said, I am looking forward to experiencing the Holy Spirit’s leading when we gather. He’s doing the greatest work! So let’s stay dependent on Him.

Let’s remember that saving a spot doesn’t guarantee a seat in the Worship Center.

Remember, we have seating in the Multipurpose room which is designated the overflow area. Let’s think of some creative ways to give our visitors the best seats in the house. For example, leaders could intentionally worship in the Multipurpose room or small groups could pick a Sunday when they will worship there.

I’m certain the Holy Spirit can reveal to you how to apply generosity in this area of need. I’m glad the numbers are picking up. I want us to capitalize on meeting new friends.

All of us can do this together.

In fact, I challenge you to read Philippians 2:1-4 and highlight the fact that Jesus Christ told us that we should consider others as more important than ourselves. If that means giving up a seat in the Worship Center and going to the Multipurpose room that would be an act of generosity and it may very well show that God is renewing your heart from the inside out.

I’m excited about what the Holy Spirit is going to say to us through the Word and I pray that you are praying for me and I can hardly wait to see you again.

God bless you. I love you beloved.

Pastor Curtis