Update Video:

Please watch this short video for a brief overview of our Regathering plans for Adult and Student small groups, as well as worship services. 

Identical Worship Services
One of the greatest blessings that have come out of Covid has been to see our church truly come together in intergenerational worship! As a way to help prepare our church for growth, both in worship services and in small groups, we will be continuing with two identical worship services.  Identical services will still be at 9:00am and 10:45am
On-Campus Groups
  • SV kids – No changes in programming. Load balancing adult classes will help provide more availability to grow in SVkids.
  • SV Students – Providing Middle School and High School at both hours will make it easier for families to worship together at either hour. This will also allow us to utilize the Student Area to its fullest capabilities.
  • On-Campus Adult Groups will be organized to balance groups based on Age Group and the class attendance to try and accomplish the following:
    • Offering On Campus Small Groups for all stages of Adult life.
    • Provide room to grow more On-Campus Small Groups during both hours for all stages of Adult life.
    • Load balancing the Worship Services by the above steps providing more room in both services for future growth.
In order to prepare our church for growth as we begin to regather, we are making some changes to our on-campus small groups. You can find the adult small groups list by downloading the Regathering Document from the bottom of the page.