Ray Hicks

Ray is the Associate Pastor of MemberCare at SV and has been on staff for almost 13 years. He provides Biblical Counseling to those who are struggling and is the Celebrate Recovery Pastor. Ray is married to his wife Bev who is active in SV ministries and with Ray in counseling and Celebrate Recovery. They have 3 adult children and 15 grandchildren! Also, Ray is a U.S. Navy veteran. Before coming to Severns Valley, Ray and Bev served as MemberCare Pastor at Harvest Church in Ft. Worth, Texas. Prior to that, they were IMB (International Mission Board) Membercare missionaries to IMB missionaries in North Africa and the Middle East.

Ray and Bev love to walk and ride bicycles for fun and exercise. Bev is a gifted quilter friend and encourager to the women in her circles of influence. Ray and Bev like traveling internationally, usually to the Middle East where they served. They also love driving to Texas and Arkansas to visit their grandkids.