Lead Pastor Search Timeline

Where are we in the process


The team is meeting with Context Staffing to strategize.


The team is prayerlly developing the church profile and church members are submitting surveys.


Context Staffing is working their vast network and combing through applications while the team is considering and vetting strong candidates.


The team is continuing to vet and has begun interviewing final candidates.


The candidate for Lead Pastor has been selected and will be presented to the congregation soon.

Monthly Updates


As many of you know, we are working with Context Staffing to assist us in casting as wide of a net as possible, in order to have the best candidates as we search for the man that God has picked out for our church’s next lead pastor.

As of today the website for candidates to apply will officially open!

But what does that mean?

Context staffing along with our team will promote the Lead Pastor position far and wide, from Maine to California. There will be a link on our church website on the lead pastor search team page that will take you directly to the application so that candidates can learn more about our church and the position.  Then, if they are so led, they will be able to fill out the application. This way every candidate goes through the same process, the same application, and we get all the same information for each, and every candidate. 

How you can be involved:

* If you have someone in mind that you think should apply, please reach out to them. They can find the information and apply via the link on our website or directly on Context Staffing’s website. This is how every candidate will apply. 

* Please join us in praying for the candidates, our team, and praying for our church.  We so appreciate your prayers and do not take this lightly.  We are so excited about what is to come!

How you can pray:

  • For discernment and wisdom for Context Staffing.

  • For the Lead Pastor Search Team to hear clearly from the Lord.

  • For peace and strength for the SVBC Church Staff.

  • For God to burden the members of SVBC to keep giving, keep serving, and encouraging others during this time.

  • For God to prepare and tender the heart of the man and his family that God has for SVBC.


If you have any questions or comments you’d like to send to the team, please send an email to: pastorsearch@sv.church.


On behalf of your Lead Pastor Search Team (LPST), we want to thank each of you for your trust, support,
and above all, your prayers. We desire to be as transparent as possible in this search as a team. We hope
a monthly newsletter will be a beneficial way of doing so. Our goal with each update is to provide
information on where we are in the process, what to expect, and how you, our family, can play a vital
role in our search.

Before we dive into specifics, we must first pause, and thank God for what He is doing, even now, at the
beginning of this process. You will be encouraged to know the Holy Spirit is already laying a foundation of
like-mindedness within this team during times of prayer and the revealing of scripture. This week
specifically, God has impressed on each of us the message of patience. This process is not going to be an
overnight development, nor should it be. We are reminded in Habakkuk 2:3 that if it seems slow in
coming, we are to wait patiently.

With that being said, your LPST is not sitting idle. There are numerous things taking place during the
interim. One of our first actions was to develop, administer, and review the church-wide survey. We
truly appreciate your participation and value each of your responses. Please know your voices were
heard, and we look forward to sharing some of those results with you now.

· Top 3 strengths of SVBC:

1. Biblical Preaching
2. Core Beliefs
3. Worship Music

· Top 3 strengths of your Lead Pastor:

1. Shepherd
2. Leader
3. Teacher

· We also recognize areas needing improvement.

As for the actual search process, the position is open and active. Our partnering agency (Context
Staffing) has received a very encouraging number of applicants and looks forward to vetting potential
candidates. Context Staffing will continue to accept applications in the coming months. Your LPST will
continue to meet and provide you with updates.

· PRAISE REPORT: We are so thankful applications continue to be received daily.

· PRAYER REQUEST: In the coming week, specifically, pray for patience; for our team, as well as our
Severns Valley family. Pray for every situation and decision to be presented to God first with prayer and
thanksgiving. Pray that, with patience, we will express humility and gentleness, bearing with one another
in love.

· SPECIFIC SCRIPTURES TO PRAY: Philippians 4:6, Ephesians 4:2, Romans 12:12, Romans 8:25

In His service,
Your Lead Pastor Search Team

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to send to the team, please send an email to: pastorsearch@sv.church.

Lead Pastor Search Team


Emmet Holley

Team Members

Kyle Souleyrette
Emily Fintel
Sarah Edwards
Brian Brown
Susan Ryan
Mike Burress
Sheila Larkin
Kay Brown