Lead Pastor Search Timeline

Where are we in the process



The team is meeting with Context Staffing to strategize.


The team is prayerlly developing the church profile and church members are submitting surveys.


Context Staffing is working their vast network and combing through applications while the team is considering and vetting strong candidates.


The team is continuing to vet and has begun interviewing final candidates.


The candidate for Lead Pastor has been selected and will be presented to the congregation soon.

Update 5.19.20

The Lead Pastor Search Team wants to thank all of you so much for your time and completion of surveys to aid in the process of finding our next Lead Pastor. Hundreds of you participated and your honest feedback was appreciated and helpful not only to the team, but to Context Staffing as well.

In communication with Context Staffing, we are very excited to report that the position will be posted for two more weeks before the intense review of candidates begins. Already, there is a large pool of highly qualified candidates who have prayerfully submitted their applications. Our team hopes to begin conducting interviews in late June, and we are optimistic in being able to present our recommendation for Lead Pastor to the congregation by September. 

It was said from our pulpit this past Sunday that we are in unknown times, but we can have confidence that we serve a known God. Our team has seen this ring true every step of the way thus far. While we could not have predicted that we would be searching for a new pastor in the middle of a Pandemic, God was not caught off-guard and we are thankful that He is showing Himself faithful to His purposes as He leads us to the man God has for us. 

At this time, the team is encouraged and in deep prayer for the responsibility for which you have entrusted to us. Please join the team in continued prayer in the following ways:

  • For Context Staffing and the search team as we both prayerfully review and consider the vast applicant pool.
  • For the team to continue in unity with wisdom as God brings clarity in decision making. 
  • For the man God already knows will be leading our congregation, for his family and for his current church body in this upcoming time of transition for them.
  • For unity among our church family as the lead candidate is presented and we prepare to welcome our next Lead Pastor.
  • For our church staff and council as they lead us in this time and for the church body to rise as servant leaders in the community. 

Search Team

Kevin Ray

Matt Hess
Angela Pike
Mattie Cook
Ryan Peace
Scott Langley
Cora Wood
Carmen Adwell
Kyle Souleyrette