On Campus Small Groups

We truly hope you find a home with us at Severns Valley. Our On Campus Small Groups are tremendous at helping you meet new friends and develop relationships with others. Group leaders provide interesting and practical Biblically based teaching that leads to helpful discussions in each group.

Groups meet on Sundays at 7:45am, 9:00am* and 10:45am*. The team at the information kiosk can help you find a group.

The On Campus Groups meet on Sunday mornings to accomplish these purposes:

  • To study God’s Word and apply it to their lives
  • To build deep relationships with other people
  • To care for one another
  • For fellowship
  • To train others to become leaders
  • To make “Disciple Making Disciples”

* Preschool, Children, and Student Bible classes are offered during these times.

On Campus Small Groups

7:45 am Groups

James Anderson  |  Senior Adults  |  Room A-201

9:00 am Groups

Scott Langley  |  Young Adults  |  Room A-201
Tyler Coffey  |  Median Adults  |  Room A-102
Mike Harris  |  Senior Adults |  Room A-103
Kevin Ray  | Median Adults  |  Room A-104
David Dozer  | Senior Adults  | Room A-200C
Marshall Johnson | Senior Adults | Room W-202
Jason Bell  | Median Adults  | Room A-110D
Matt Hess  |  Median Adults | Room A-110C
Mike Byers  |  Median Adults | Room A-200B
Carmen Adwell  |  Median Adults | Room A-101
Kenny Horn  |  Median Adults |  Room A-106

10:45 am Groups

Sheila Larkin  |  Median Adults  |  Room A-110D
Debbie Skaggs  |  Senior Adults | Room A-104
Bill Taylor  |  Senior Adults |  7pm  |Room A-102
Jim Woodruff  |  Senior Adults |  7pm  | Room A-101
Peggy Marr  |  Senior Adults |  6:30pm  | Room A-105
Alice Pepper  | Senior Adults |  6:30pm  | Room A-106
Mack Brown  | Senior Adults  |  7pm  | Room A-110C
Betty Jo Caruthers  |  Senior Adults |  7pm  | Room W-201
Philip Moore |  Median Adults |  7pm  | Room A-200C
John Luckett |  Senior Adults |  7pm  |  A-103

For more information

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