On Campus Small Groups

We truly hope you find a home with us at Severns Valley. Our Sunday Morning On-Campus Small Groups are tremendous at helping you meet new friends and develop relationships with others. Group leaders facilitate interesting and practical biblically-based learning that will help you grow to be more like Jesus.

Groups meet on Sundays at 7:45am, 9:00am* and 10:45am*. Enter through our Main Entrance and our Welcome Team will be glad to help you find a group.

The On Campus Groups meet on Sunday mornings to:

  • Study God’s Word and apply it to their lives
  • Get to know other people
  • Care for one another
  • Train leaders
  • Make “Disciple Making Disciples”

* Preschool, Children, and Student Bible classes are offered during these times.

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On Campus Small Groups

7:45 am Groups

James Anderson  |  Senior Adults  |  Room A-201

9:00 am Groups

Scott Langley  |  Young Adults  |  Room A-201
Tyler Coffey  |  Median Adults  |  Room A-102
Bradley Wilcox  |  Senior Adults |  Room A-103
Kevin Ray  | Median Adults  |  Room A-104
David Dozer  | Senior Adults  | Room A-200C
Marshall Johnson | Senior Adults | Room W-202
Jason Bell  | Median Adults  | Room A-110D
Lonnie Perkins  |  Median Adults | Room A-110C
Mike Byers  |  Median Adults | Room A-200B
Carmen Adwell  |  Median Adults | Room A-101
Kenny Horn  |  Median Adults |  Room A-106

10:45 am Groups

Sheila Larkin  |  Median Adults  |  Room A-110D
Debbie Skaggs  |  Senior Adults | Room A-104
Gary Crace  |  Senior Adults |  7pm  |Room A-102
Jim Woodruff  |  Senior Adults |  7pm  | Room A-101
Peggy Marr  |  Senior Adults |  6:30pm  | Room A-105
Alice Pepper  | Senior Adults |  6:30pm  | Room A-106
Mack Brown  | Senior Adults  |  7pm  | Room A-110C
Betty Jo Caruthers  |  Senior Adults |  7pm  | Room W-201
Philip Moore |  Median Adults |  7pm  | Room A-200C
John Luckett |  Senior Adults |  7pm  |  A-103

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