Leadership Teams

We believe that the church is truly at its best when the congregation acts as the hands and feet. Here at Severns Valley we utilize committed lay members to comprise teams to help ministries run smoothly. Click the links below for more information about the current leadership teams here at SV.

Church Council

Dr. Ray Hicks
Bill Evans, Moderator
Kevin Ray, Assistant Moderator
Matt Hess, Deacon Chair
Emmet Holley
Dr. Kay Brown
Ryan Peace


Brian Brown
Brad Chambliss
Emmet Holley
Chris Jansen
Kevin Mobley
Kevin Ryan
Troy Teipen
Kevin Ray
Garry Knight
Matt Hess
Scott Mooney
Ryan Forbis
David Dozer
Ryan Peace
Scott Langley
John McFarlane
Bill Johnson
Charles “Chuck” Waters
Philip Moore
Essossinam Kelem
Steve Weaver
Ed Gordon


Terry Patterson, Chairman
Sharon Spratt
Barb Jones
Rex Harrison
Cathy Ray
Mattie Cook


Steve Wright, Chairman
Brad Chambliss
Ryan Donahue
Marilyn Ford
Steve Weaver
Vivian Edwards
Linda Bradbury
David Hunt
John McFarlane


Tommy Bradbury, Chairman
Carmen Adwell
Katie Peace
Jeff Camp
Stever Gardner
Kenny Horn
Kyle Mobley
Scott Edwards

Leadership Selection

Kevin Mobley, Chairman
Brad Chambliss
Beth Borders
Jeannie Langley
Chris Jansen
Krysta Souleyrette