Day of Prayer

Saturday, June 13th, 2020  8:00 AM – 8:00 pM


Purpose: To prepare our hearts and minds for Re-Gathering for Worship, June 21st. We will focus on a specific topic for Re-Gathering. One topic at each stop going around the church buildings. The Day of Prayer begins at the Cross and ends at the Cross.

We suggest everyone park on the west side of the Worship Center. Day of Prayer Guides are available at the Cross. You are encouraged to walk around the SV Campus buildings as you pray. If you desire, the Day of Prayer is designed to allow people to drive around the campus if needed.

To download a PDF version of the Day of Prayer Guide click here: Day of Prayer Guide

We will have 7 Places of Prayer as we move around our SV Campus:

  1. The Cross:  Repentance
  2. The WC Entrance:  Our Church
  3. The Patio:  Those Struggling
  4. SVstudents:  The Lost
  5. SVkids:  Families
  6. Main Entrance:  Racism
  7. The Cross:  Worship

At each Place of Prayer we will have:

  • A Prayer Focus – A short paragraph speaking to the topic
  • A Passage of Scripture – Related to the topic
  • A Prayer – A written out prayer for those to pray specifically